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As Legal Brokers & Legal Costs Advisors

We rely upon a solid and trusty network of legal contacts to provide an objective, customized referral to our clients.

We progress every case periodically allowing our clients to have a real sense of the status of their cases.

We provide a comprehensive cost budget and billable hours as well as offer a different retainer package solutions design for different legal needs our clients may have.



Our Core Areas


Corporate & Commercial Law

Legal & Contract Management as a Service

You as a business owner have an important function to play when it comes to managing the contracts you enter into with vendors, customers and employees. MQM legal is here to assist you in negotiating terms, writing contracts and ensuring compliance and reporting on outcomes. 

We help businesses organize their current contract environment and implement processes and to manage the approach to complete their contract system. We help businesses and individuals effectively develop, negotiate, execute and manage their contracts with the goals of reducing risk, realizing more revenue and eliminating inefficiencies. 

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

EU and International Law

Family and Succession Law (Divorce, Child Custody, Wills, etc)

Maritime, Construction and Energy

  • With our broad knowledge in the shipping industry, MQM Legal can help you navigate through complex legal issues.
  • Our team has an extensive experience in contract development, contract review, claims management, Staff training and Development of Best Practices in Project Management.
  • We are able to represent developers and operators of high-scale and distributed energy projects, as well as technology manufacturing companies and large energy consumers.
  • We maintain a strong network of legal experts which allows us to effectively assist our clients in any dispute.

Immigration Law and Citizenship Request

Labor Law

Criminal Law

Property Law

Data Protection & Cyber Security

Do you want to know how to manage your cyber risks?

MQM Legal will be glad to give you a hand. Most companies and organizations are targeted by cyber criminals. Given that we live in the information age, where most of the things are digital, theft and other criminal activities shifted to the digital field and it is expected that these activities will increase in the upcoming years.

Legal Design and Innovation

Tax Advisement, Accountancy Support & Representation (non-Residence)

  • Companies Creation and Legal Representation in EMEIA and  South America
  • Assisting with Foreign Investment
  • Tax and Accounting Support
  • Contract Management
  • Immigration and Citizenship request
  • Tax Representation for non residents
  • Training

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