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About MQM

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Our headquarters is based in the Netherlands. Our starting point is connecting the Portuguese and Spanish speaking communities and markets on the globe with the Netherlands. We also have permanent offices in Oporto, Sao Paulo and Dublin.

We have developed the company with the philosophy to solve any issues. Our purpose is to stimulate new ways of perceiving the legal services.

We act like a cool hub. Flexibility is the key element to accommodate our clients requests.

In the present digital market, outsourcing your legal services can be an added value for any company.

We are fierce in the pursuit of excellence.



MQM “Your Legal Hub”

The legal advice has its compass in the best interest of the client . So, what is the real best interest of the client ? Which factors, pillars and philosophy are behind the best legal solution?

For us the answer is in the combination of 3 elements:





Our mission is to provide legal services in a model that takes in consideration the full extent of a case and the individual.
We provide a multidisciplinary background, global presence and vision.



Advice about your legal choices
Advice about the emotional investment in the case
Advice on your time and resources

Human Dimension

Human Dimension

Emotional investment
Stress management
Image impact assessment

Strategy and Management

Strategy and Management

Strategy (Professional choice, Tools/Tech, Innovation)
Management (Risk. Contract, Dispute/Claims)

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